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Hayley Lehmann Photography

HL Schools Are An Accredited School Photo Pro Member

Why are standards needed?
School photography is a very specialised business that relies not only on great photography but also experience, people skills, being very well organised, having a fool proof ordering system, the ability to deal with lots of data and also being aware of child protection issues.

Where service counts more
You may think some companies are better than others just because of their size or professionally designed website. Or, it may be because you hear from them more as they have a large marketing budget and can employ sales staff. But as a SchoolPhotoPRO accredited school photography company we look at service in a different way, and that is based on what our schools say about us.

Why is constant checking needed?
Just belonging to a photography association is not enough; neither is promoting a qualification that may have been gained many years ago. As a member we want to prove that we are much better than that. That is why we have agreed to adhere to a standard that includes our schools sending in feedback forms to School Photo Pro about our service. Of course it’s not obligatory. We understand that many school administrators are too busy, but equally, it is reassuring for you to know that checking goes on that guarantees we maintain our standards.

If your current photography company is not SPP accredited, you might want to ask yourself why.

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