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Questions frequently asked by schools.

General Information

1. How long do you keep school photos?
We keep them until the end of the academic year.
2. Who owns the copyright on the school photos?
Hayley Lehmann Ltd owns the copyright. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without our written permission, in accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act. However, we are happy to provide schools with images for use on Sims or other similar school software programs. Naturally, we also provide images for brochures, prospectuses and school displays.
3. How much space will the photographer need on photoday?
For a one photographer shoot, ideally we need a floor space of 10 metres square with a minimum ceiling height of 3 metres.
4. What information do you need from us before the shoot?
Please tell us at least one week in advance what you would like us to photograph so that we come adequately prepared. For example, if we are booked to photograph individuals but you would also like a staff group shot.
For individual photographs, we will need a Microsoft Excel file containing the forename, surname, year, class and admission number of each child all in separate columns. Please send this to us via email at least one week before the shoot.
If we are also shooting siblings, please provide in a separate Microsoft Excel file the same details as above but only for the eldest child in the sibling groups.
5. What happens on photoday?
Our photographer will arrive to set up the equipment at least 30 minutes before the first class is due to be photographed. For individual photographs, each class should be lined up in register order. Please advise the photographer about any pupils who are absent on the day. Children should be encouraged to neaten their hair, straighten ties, wipe noses etc. We will give each child a unique barcode which should be presented to the photographer as they step forward to have their picture taken.If the children have marks or scratches on their faces that are not normally there, please write the details just below the barcode. We will retouch these marks out as a free part of our service.

For class group photographs, the children should be lined up in height order, with the tallest children being presented to the photographer first.
6. How long do you take to photograph the children?
For single pose, individual photographs, each class takes between 15 and 20 minutes to photograph, depending on the age of the children. Nursery and reception classes may take longer. Multi pose can add a further 5 - 10 minutes per class.

For class group photographs, please allow approximately 5 minutes per class.
7. What happens after photoday?
We process the images, colour balance and remove minor blemishes for best quality results.
Sims discs are normally back at the school (post permitting) within a few days.
Proof cards are available for distribution 7-10 days after the shoot. Depending on how far into the term it is, we normally give parents 1 - 2 weeks to place their orders before a cut-off date. Orders will be sent to the school for distribution 2 weeks later.
8. How long does it take to get the pictures back to us?
Delivery time depends on the method you choose for parents to purchase photographs.
• Sale or return prints are supplied two weeks after photoday.
• Proof cards are normally returned within 7-10 days, and finished packs are supplied two weeks after the order cut-off date.
• ‘Buy online’ orders for delivery to the school will be supplied two weeks after the order cut-off date.
• ‘Buy online’ orders for delivery direct to the pupil’s home will be supplied two weeks after the order cut-off date (if ordered before the cut-off date), or two weeks after later orders.
9. When will the school receive our commission?
We will pay your commission at the end of the term in which we shoot. This allows us to accumulate commission for you on parents late orders as well as the main batch of orders.
10. How environmentally friendly are you?
We take all photographs digitally, so reducing the need for processing chemicals. Our card mounts are made from 100% recyclable material and all returned prints are recycled.
11. What steps do you take regarding Security & Data Protection?
Our photographers have Enhanced Disclosure in accordance with the CRB Code of Practice.
All pupil data is stored in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All our online photos are password protected, so only the school and the parents can access them.
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