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Ours is an admin free service to the school, and there are no postage costs to parents except for any late orders which are submitted after the cut-off date.

One week before the shoot, we require an Excel spreadsheet from the school with all the pupil’s data as follows:

Beasley Max Year 1 Mrs Allen 51383
Rice Carolyn Year 1 Mrs Allen 51385
Warrick Jack Year 1 Mrs Allen 51331

We also require a second list if we are shooting siblings with exactly the same detail as above, but only for the eldest child in each sibling group.

From your data we prepare barcodes for each child which are distributed just before the shoot. The child hands their barcode to the photographer & that way our system can marry up pictures with children’s names.

One week later proof cards will arrive at the school. These are in class ready packs for easy distribution.

Usually we allow two weeks for parents to order, but this depends on the time of year and whether the end of term is looming. They can do this either online, or by returning the proof card & payment to the school in the envelope provided. At the end of this period we kindly ask that you post the envelopes back to us. We process the online & proof card orders together and send the photos back to you 10 days later, once again in class ready packs. As we know that some parents can never get their act together, they may still order online after the cut-off date but will incur a small postage & packing charge of £2.95 for most packs, or £4.95 for the very big packs. Delivery would be to their home address. Before the cut-off date there is absolutely no charge for P&P whatsoever where delivery is specified to the school. 

We take security extremely seriously. Each child’s proof card has an encrypted password which means that each parent can only log on and view their child’s images online. At checkout the system will ask them for the password of any siblings so that they can log on to view and order those images too.

We offer 1, 2 or 4 pose proof cards. It really depends on the size of the school and what is important to your parents. Most schools opt for the 2 pose system. We also try to vary the backdrop year on year so that we don’t get parent fatigue. This year everyone has opted for a white background, but next year many will revert to a more traditional canvas to add variety.

At the end of the school term we add up the sales and send you a cheque commission on sales. Some schools are happy with this, whilst we have a few who choose to forgo their commission so that we can pass on cheaper prices to the parents. It’s your choice. Our’s is a bespoke service!

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Printing is disabled on the Hayley Lehmann website. If you wish to order copies of any of our prints then please contact us.

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