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SIMS is a management information system (MIS) designed specifically for schools to tackle the issues that really matter to them.

Hayley Lehmann Ltd is licensed to supply a CD ROM that is compatible with the SIMS batch photo importer; however there are a number of important considerations:

  1. We need to receive data from the school in advance of our visit and therefore are aware of the data protection implications.
  2. We have evaluated both the best methodology and technology for taking the pupil photographs on the day.
  3. We will produce the images to a precise specification.
  4. We will supply the CD Rom to our schools in the correct format.
  5. We will obtain from Capita ES the annual Sims batch license.

There are many other MIS for schools such as PASS, PARENTA, CMIS, ISAMS and INTEGRIS. We are happy to supply images to our schools in the correct format for those systems too.

One week before the shoot please forward us the following information:

For individual photographs, we will need a Microsoft Excel file containing the forename, surname, year, class and admission number of each child all in separate columns. Please send this to us via email at least one week before the shoot.
For sibling photographs, please provide in a separate Microsoft Excel file the same details as above but only for the eldest child in the sibling groups.

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Printing is disabled on the Hayley Lehmann website. If you wish to order copies of any of our prints then please contact us.

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